From Our Farm to Your Table

100% Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised Meats & Eggs

Immersive Experiences with Regenerative Agriculture

A Field Trips

Immersive experiences with regenerative agriculture for K-12 students & adults.

B Farm Camps

Week long day camps fostering the next generation of young farmers.

C Chick & Duck Rentals

Week long baby animal rentals, to enjoy & learn about the preciousness of life.

Featured Products

Chick Rental

$30.00/ea (April 20th - April 27th)
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Duckling Rental

$30.00/ea (June 15th - June 22nd)
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Farm Camp (August 26th - 30th)

$300.00/ea (10am - 3pm)
Sale Farm Camp (August 26th - 30th)

Farm Camp (June 17th - 21st)

$300.00/ea (10am - 3pm)
Sale Farm Camp (June 17th - 21st)

Farm Tours

$20.00/ea ($20 per person)
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Field Trips

$10.00/ea ($10 per person)
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