Our Team

Learn about who make Rocklands great

Greg Glenn (Co-Founder, CEO, and Farm Manager) is married to Anna Joy and they live on the farm with their three sons Fritz, Simeon, and Charlie. Greg manages the livestock & meat operation, maintains the facilities, equipment & farm-grounds.

Anna Joy Glenn helps run the livestock operation, manages her on-farm flower business Seed to Ceremony, gives field trips, and helps make the customer experience at Rocklands beautiful, peaceful, and authentic.

Shawn Eubank (Co-Founder, CFO, COO, and VP of Sales & Marketing) is married to Melissa and they live in Richmond, Virginia. Shawn handles all sales & marketing, manages all operations, maintains the brand, and manages the Cellar Club.

Chris Ahn (Business Manager, Produce Manager) is married to Amy and they live in Washington D.C. Chris manages the books & administration, cultivates the garden, manages the CSA, and answers the phone.

TJ Fleming (Head Winemaker) is married to Bethany and they live in Washington D.C. TJ manages the vineyard & winery, makes the wine.

Greg Sr. & Janis Glenn are the owners of the Rocklands Estate and live on the farm. Janis manages the weddings and estate-grounds and Greg Sr. is the resident janitor.

Scout & Bone Dog are our resident dogs. Scout is a crowd favorite and always eager to play catch. Bone Dog is the canine patriarch, having been on the farm since the Glenn family moved here in 2003. Lila is the newest member of the canine team.