Field Trips @ Rocklands Farm

Immerse yourself in regenerative agriculture

Request a Field Trip

1 Email Us Include your contact information, school, class level & size, prefered trip date, and anything specific you would like to learn.

2 Confirmation

We'll work with you to set a date, craft a field trip specific to your class, and get you set for an incredible opporunity for you and your students.

3 Immerse Your Class

Your field trip will connect you & your students with where their food comes from, how it comes to be food, who raises it, and why their food choices matter.

Do you want to know where your food comes from, who raises it, and how it comes to be food? Do you want to experience a farm in a whole new way; fully immersed in an incredible symphony of regenerative farming? Have burning questions about sustainable farming?

Book a tour for your school class today; It's only $10 per person, including students, teachers and chaperones. The 90 minute tour covers our farm ecosystem, livestock husbandry & produce cultivation, your food choices & food shed, and why it all matters. There is a $150 minimum for groups under 15 people.

Tours start at 10am and conclude at 11:30am. You may have access to our picnic area for lunch (not provided) until 12pm. Please bring a signed permission form for each student and a liability release for each teacher & chaperone (see attachments below). View our calendar below for a date that works for you, submit a field trip request, and we will send a confirmation email when booked.

Gain a passion for Creation, Reverence & Stewardship. Leave encouraged with more informed food choices, feel equipped to take part in the restoration-agriculture movement, and be inspired to become a farmer (whether on a windowsill, backyard plot or carrier).