Our Farm

Learn about where your food comes from

Our Operation: We operate a diversified farming enterprise. We manage 55 acres of pasture, 10 acres of vineyard, 2 acres of orchard, and a 2 acres of non-certified organic produce garden. We operate an on-farm winery where we produce all of the wine and cider we sell. We operate an education program, offering field trips, tours, and a farm camp. We rent the farm for private events, such as weddings and corporate parties to groups who value an authentic and rustic farm-centric event.

Our Farm: The Glenn family has owned the farm since moving here in 2003, but the farm business didn't begin until 2010. Rocklands Farm is the original name of the farm property. The stone farm house was built in 1870, however we believe the outbuildings pre-date the farmhouse. The property originally belonged to the Alnutt Family (who still own & manage Homestead Farm). 

Our Soil: We are on Penn Silt-Loam. As the name suggests, we have seams of Seneca Sandstone, however these present themselves as fragmented seams and we don't generally describe our soil as "rocky".

Our Pasture: Our pastures have been essentially dormant for decades. Since 2010, we've slowly been restoring them through high-density, multi-species rotational grazing, and now we're starting to see a change towards vibrant fertility. Manure & urine spots last year are lush, dark green, and robust (first to green up in the spring, hold their color through drought, and last to brown down in the winter). We have mostly Tall Fescue, Orchard Grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and White Clover. We also have a lot of Dandelion, Plantain, and Chicory, a well as a variety of smaller broadleaves and browsing Forbes.