Our Friends & Partners

Learn about the wonderful people and businesses we've partnered with

Mel Burman: Jefferson MD - Mel has been raising grass-fed & grass-finished beef for decades. He finishes around thirty head a year on his rolling hills of Orchard Grass and White Clover.

Poly Matzinger: Jefferson MD - Polly raises Gotland wool sheep, a rare breed prized for their wool's delicate structure. Though primarily raised for wool, she rotates her sheep on pasture and they enjoy a grass-fed diet. We partner with her by utilizing her lamb that don't make grade for wool or re-enter the breeding flock.

Glen Mary Grass Fed: Park Hall, MD - The Schmidt brothers raise grass-fed & grass-finished cattle on their expansive pastures along the Chesapeake Bay. They raise a mix of cattle breeds and are passionate about using livestock to restore their once depleted row-crop fields.

Open Book Farm: We're pleased to announce our newest partnership with Open Book Farm. They will be supplying our chicken beginning the summer of 2017.