Our Livestock

Learn about our livestock

Cattle: We have Black Angus as well as Black and Brown Baldie (Angus - Hereford cross) cows. We have a South Poll bull and are starting to transition our breeding herd towards South Poll characteristics (Heat tolerant with brown & slick fly-repelling coat, small frame with great gains & finishing on grass, and strong maternal characteristics of high fertility & gentile disposition).

Sheep: We raise Katahdin ewes. We have St. Croix & St. Croix - Katahdin cross rams. We lamb in mid-spring, when the temperature is warming and the grass is greening up. We tag & castrate at 6 months and let the ewes self-wean, which allows for as natural of life as possible for our lamb.

Hogs: We raise Berkshire, Berk-Rock (Berkshire - Duroc cross), TamworthLarge BlackGuinea Hog sows. We have a Red Waddle Boar. We farrow (have piglets) in open wood-chip paddocks (not farrowing crates, barn stalls, or on concrete) twice a year, early spring & late summer. We allow our sows to naturally "nest" with free-choice materials (Wood chips, hay and leaves). These paddocks age, compost and eventually become perennial permaculture gardens.

Layers: We raise mostly Brown Egg Layer (Rhode Island Red - White Rock industrial cross...also commonly referred to as Red Sex-Link), as well as Easter-Eggers (Auracana industrial cross), White LeghornRhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Silverlaced Wyandottes, and Cuckoo Maran. Learn more about some of our breeds at this great site, The Livestock Conservancy.

Broilers: We are phasing out our broiler program. We had raised Freedom Ranger (Slow-growth red meat birds) and Cornish-Cross in the past. However, we are partnering with Open Book Farm, an excellent broiler producer in Middleburg MD, to source our chicken for 2017 (Available Summer 2017).